The UK has one of the more complex tax regimes and is complicated further by being governed not just by the Taxes Acts but also by Court and Tribunal decisions.
Any tax planning has to take into account all of the effects of the above.
As a practice we will always look and do our best to minimise the tax liabilities of each and every client, and to answer the question my friend says... or in the paper it says....
To this end we will in all cases whether you are self employed, or the director shareholder of a Limited company look at the impact of all investment and remuneration decisions as best suited to you, as all clients are different.
This will typically involve wife’s wages claims, husband wife partnerships, IR35 factors, dividend splitting, salary vs. dividends, and the effect of pension contributions.
For clients who have buy to let properties ensuring they have made the appropriate elections –just like the MP’s were advised! HMRC are now taking a look at this, funny that.
In tax planning there has and needs to be a degree of looking into the future and with undoubtedly more legislation planned to reduce those opportunities longer term issues of getting it right at the start will become so much more important.
Compliance with the legislation dates and elections are all matters we deal with on a day to day basis and so form an important part of tax planning, please look at our page on Compliance and Statutory matters.
We can provide you with year-round tax advice on:
  • income tax
  • capital gains tax
  • inheritance tax
All clients have different wishes and needs and it is balancing those that makes planning unique to each.
Any questions or queries just feel free to call




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